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Mosbeats - Balance 2 (Instrumental Album)

Mosbeats (Fresno, CA Producer_Hoodie Music_member of The Umbrella and Onenine) continues to show off his diversity in production with his new project Balance 2. He continues where he left off in July 2019 with the first Balance project. Boasting a smooth subtle sound with his latest album full of eclectic vocals elevating his production. One may describe the mood as a pleasant Fall/Autumn day relaxing with your special loved one. In between the time of the first and second Balance projects the twenty year old made noise with Pro Dillinger (Rockland County, N.Y._The Umbrella) in 2020 with MOSfoul, as well as 2020 bangers "97 Haze" with another Umbrella member, Snotty (NYC) and "Meet Satan" having verses from Josiah The Gift (Brooklyn, N.Y./New Jersey_The Umbrella). The collaboration album with Snotty titled Hell In A Cell in 2021 is another addition to this young man's catalog which spans far more than what has been mentioned plus his varied taste of production. After vibing to the soulful sounds of Balance 2 be sure to check more of Mosbeats music at his Bandcamp site...HERE

Listen, share and support Balance 2 below.

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