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Lupus Dei - Respeckfully (Produced by Onaje Jordan) (Album)

HomeTeam aka HomeTeam Empire (Killy Shoot, Onaje Jordan, Chuck Chan, Lupus Dei, Deuce Hennessy, Propha C. Allison, GeneralBackPain) is a crew that has consistently released albums, EPs and songs in recent years. As they continue to gain attention with their gritty style of wordplay along with equally matched production by producers of the collective 2021 channels the continuation of the havoc they left in 2020. Members Lupus Dei (Willingboro, N.J. Emcee) and Onaje Jordan (Chicago, IL Producer) released their Respeckfully album on February 24, 2021. Mr. Pay Per View, Substance810 (Port Huron, MI) and HomeTeam members (on the bonus track only through purchase) are featured on Respeckfully. Lupus Dei steps into this album focused, still hungry on a it's my time and I'm here to express it in "Rare Form" mindstate. Onaje's sound projects he knew exactly the production to perfect for his fellow HomeTeam member through those dark vibes, dusty, soulful and eerie samples and transitioning to glimpses of a high speed chase scene. HomeTeam Empire continues to shine for 2021. Listen, share and support below.

1. Blak Mamba 01:45

2. Rare Form 02:43

4. No Worries 03:01

5. Lovers Lane 02:34

7. How I feel 02:40

8. Big Drip 03:13

9. The Empire Ft. HomeTeam (BONUS TRACK - Through album purchase only)

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