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Lukah - Why Look Up, God's In The Mirror (Album) (Produced by Walz & SB11)

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Memphis, TN has unique sounds all its own thanks to Blues, Rock & Roll and Hip Hop. Even Jookin should be mentioned when speaking of the southwest Tennessee city. This should never steer anyone away from the talent bred there. One such artist who continues to make his mark is Emcee/Producer named Lukah (South Memphis_Raw Materials_Dogg Deep Enterprize). He has continuously gained attention with content channeled from family, fatherhood and growing up through success, trials, critical thinking and perils that make him the man he is today. One should not assume when you hear the city of Memphis being mentioned that a particular style is all that will be heard as Lukah cannot be placed into any box. His ability to switch flows per track while striking them with the same tenacity deep in complexity it will have you rewind more than expected. 2018 he gave us Chickenwire, (Produced by Lukah, Cities Aviv and Suni Katz) which caught my attention to the Southern spitter upon it's release. Fast forward to January 2021 and his second album When The Black Hand Touches You (Produced by Lukah, Cities Aviv, Livin and Hollow Sol) showed us his experiences of the world will soon be vital as a father prepares his son for the groundwork of important decisions soon to come.

On September 24, 2021, Lukah unleashed Why Look Up, God's In The Mirror in a similar vein of why I like his music. He gives you the blues of life around him with a dose of mental health. The new album brings among others the Southern styles intertwined with a plethora of musical influences he grew up on not just in Hip Hop. Lukah is always impressive no matter his flow and delivery. To even further his distinction are the guests he has on Why Look Up, God's In The Mirror such as Estee Nack (Lynn, MA_Tragic Allies), Boldy James (Detroit, MI_Griselda Records), Cities Aviv (Memphis, TN/U.K.), Suni Katz (Memphis, TN_Dogg Deep Enterprize), Kendrick P (Memphis, TN) and St. Courts (Memphis, TN).

Even with Lukah being a talent on the production, this time he steps back and lets two producers take over. Those producers are Walz (Dallas, TX via San Diego, CA by-way-of Rhode Island) and SB11 (Perth, Australia), who not only take over, yet provided a continuously addictive audio canvas that Lukah absolutely feels at home on.

Listen, share and support below.

Mastered by Leo Goff

Vinyl for Why Look Up, God's In The Mirror is currently only available in black at Lukah's Bandcamp site...HERE All other variants (Green Marbled & Violet/Purple Marbled) have sold out on his Bandcamp site and Dortmund, Germany Label Fxck Rxp's site as well.

Digital version can be purchased at Lukah's Bandcamp site...HERE

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