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Loaded Lux - All 1st Verse (Hosted by Don Demarco and Mixed/Arranged by RockVader K.B.)

Harlem's Loaded Lux is known throughout the battle rap scene with many W's under his belt. The veteran continues to be challenged all while creating music and freestyles that peak your auditory senses. All 1st Verse (FREE DOWNLOAD) released at midnight on March 15, 2021 caters to all fans of Loaded Lux from past to present with songs, freestyles and the new diss track "G.O.D.".(produced by Rudy Rhythmz). All 1st Verse is hosted by Don Demarco (Smack/URL) and mixed/arranged by HHDG Media Inc. own RockVader K.B. (ILLSIDE Radio_Spotless Mindz). In the words of Loaded Lux, "YOU GON' GET THIS WORK!"

Download, listen and share below.

All 1st Verse can be downloaded for FREE at Loaded Lux's website...HERE

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