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King Nova - Sedgwick Ave. (EP) (Produced by SNG Beats (Star Child & Finale Blaque) & BVU)

Updated: May 12, 2021

King Nova (Stars In Pursuit Records) is from a part of Long Island known for one of the early emcees in Hip Hop to gain enormous respect then and now in the name of Rakim from Wyandanch. With that being known your interest to what King Nova possesses is evident. The lyricist has proven his style and flow can't be written out the same way, as his abilities can reach audiences young and old. Take for instance his January 2021 EP, Crown Me King with the fast sometime double-time flow and bounce making current airwaves. On his April 30, 2021, EP titled Sedgwick Ave. the birthplace of Hip Hop would be an immediate memory reading it. The vibe and sound of Sedgwick Ave. is just as we would think of the early days of Hip Hop with relevant life subject matter in our neighborhoods, audio cinema ingrained in Boom Bap and DJ scratches. Sng Beats (Star Child & Finale Blaque) & BVU give King Nova just the right touch of soul and jazz incorporated in their production. Step up to Sedgwick Ave. and appreciation the love and tribute King Nova has created for the birthplace.

Listen and share below.

Available at all DSP's...HERE

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