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KiiiNG MZA - Da​$​econdRenaiiisance (Album)

Knowledge of Self, Solidarity and Preservation of Black People, Anime, Cartoons, Society, Humanity, Fact from Fiction, Positivity, Eager to Learn more, Experiencing Music and the Business early through family are just a part of the multi-talented (Visual Artist, Emcee, Producer, Engineer and more) Saginaw, MI-native residing in Dallas, TX display of honing his mastery diversely and goes by the name of KiiiNG MZA the Black Shinobi. We have a young talent boasting what dedication, drive, constant persistence mixed with his skills can achieve as his catalog of EPs, beat tapes and albums grows (see HERE). In the year 2024, KiiiNG MZA has released three projects ([adult​$​wiiimtape] Vol​.​5, DaUnknownUnknown and MacroZetaAlpha EP) and two collaboration albums. One of the collaborations being F(eye)nalFantasiii7 with Sunny aka Sunny Sinatra fka Cloud19 (Dallas, TX) and the other with Arkatype (Dallas, TX) titled Shinobitype, Vol. 1.

On June 11, 2024, listeners get to open their minds to the world of MacroZetaAlpha through KiiiNG MZA on Da$econdRenaiiisance album, which parallels to the state of the world we live in. As an introduction to MacroZetaAlpha one must venture your ears to the MacroZetaAlpha EP first released on March 4, 2024. Once you bare witness to The Meta that MacroZetaAlpha lives in you also know how ingrained the Black Shinobi is with direction of EPs, albums and beat tapes. Planning, calculations, research, knowledge, observation, implementing are words showing the personality dictated here. This is a master at work when it comes to Da$econdRenaiiisance that he produced, mixed, mastered, executive produced, cover art and written (via Black Mugen) with other integral featured guests SHERM STX, Aïda, eno-obong, Sunny fka CLoud19, ShoLuv, Erick Purpose, AREX, Adrian Peace and Griot Noy contributing in the battle of freeing our minds.

Listen, Share and Support below or at the link.

Learn more about KiiiNG MZA from his June 11, 2024 interview with HHDG Media Inc.

...HERE or watch below.

"The year is 202X and the human race is on the verge of being completely wiped out due to The System’s wicked agendas. The System has succeeded in enslaving 85% of the human population using mind control by way of trapping them in a digital world known as The Meta. There is one man inside The Meta who has risen to be the most powerful force ever imagined possible and has single-handily freed many people from The Meta. That man has become known as MacroZetaAlpha. MacroZetaAlpha is a part-human-part-cyborg soldier who was product of The System’s experiment with reviving human corpses by fusing them with Artificial Intelligence. The ones who were successfully revived were made into mindless soldiers used to protect The Meta from any potential threats. Macro was one of those survivors. He soon became the strongest and the most efficient of all the soldiers, but what The System soon found out was that his mind was too powerful to be controlled by their technology. Macro eventually learned everything from the reason behind his creation to all of The System’s agendas to destroy humanity. It wasn’t long before The System tried to silence Macro permanently. Unfortunately for them, Macro proved to be much more powerful than their comprehension could fathom and destroyed them almost effortlessly then disappeared without a trace. With the power of his mind, Macro has developed a way to hack into The Meta’s mainframe and free thousands of people and train them to be part of his army that will soon bring an end to The System once and for all."


1.FreeDaM(eye)ndGod 02:42

2.Da$econdRenaiiisance feat. BlackMugen, SHERM STX & Aïda 03:57

3.$upremeAdv(eye)sory feat. BlackMugen 01:48

4.YBR2 feat. SHERM STX & BlackMugen 03:52

5.DaChoiiice feat. eno-obong 02:08

6.Da7th$ense feat. Cloud19 03:56

7.DaAwakeniiing 02:31

8.11:11 feat. BlackMugen & ShoLuv 03:05

9.3rdEyeFlow feat. BlackMugen, Erick Purpose & Cloud19 03:35

10.AsiaticInvazion feat. BlackMugen, Erick Purpose, AREX, Adrian Peace & Griot Noy 07:28

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