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John Robinson (Scienz of Life) - The LvL Up (Album) (Prod. by Invizible Handz/ID 4 Windz & S1ncere)

The Scienz of Life member, John Robinson needs no introduction as he released his new album The LvL Up today (November 25, 2020). Fellow Scienz of Life member, Invizible Handz aka ID 4 Windz & S1ncere lend their production talents for the entire project. Blackberry Jones aka Omojoda, Rim (of Da Villins)(Brownsville, Brooklyn, N.Y._Ruckdown Records/Porter Haus Productions), Big Tone (Detroit, MI), Edson Sean (Brooklyn, N.Y.) and Napoleon Da Legend (Brooklyn, N.Y. by-way-of Washington, D.C. via Comoros Islands and Paris, France).

Artwork by C. Flux Sing Mixed and Mastered by Omojoda (aka Blackberry Jones)

Listen, share, support (Digital/Cassette) and check JR's comments about the album below.

All things John Robinson can be found...HERE.

“Peace what's up yall? First and foremost I want to say straight the MIND AND HEART "THANK YOU" to all of you have been really holding me down during this time when normally us artist would be out in the world moving in our purpose. Forreal it's beyond appreciated! I am excited to announce some new music "The LvL Up" on Limited Edition Cassette (50 Copies) + Digital Pre-Order NOW.

FYI I sent yall this message and video FIRST, before social media etc. because I wanted give yall the EXCLUSIVO!!!

Give thanks, love

John Robinson”

"The LvL Up is directly inspired by learning from shortcomings and adversity.

Changing my perspective of failures into insights and successes. When something goes wrong, I think about it less

as who’s fault it was and more about what actually happened? What did we learn from it?

The LvL Up is about ownership of creativity and enterprising and living from your ideas.

If you are a creative entrepreneur type wondering what is the best thing for you to invest in right now,

INVEST IN YOURSELF. It’s time to LvL Up!" - John Robinson

1. Anahata 01:58

3. All City 02:55

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