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Jamil Honesty & HxlySmxkes - The Rufus Buck Project (EP) (Produced by HxlySmxkes)

Updated: May 20, 2021

Baltimore is another city that houses an exponential amount of musical talent. Emcee/Producer, Jamil Honesty (by-way-of Staten Island (West Brighton/Mariner's Harbor), N.Y._Black House Records) is in full Hip Hop representation on the EP, The Rufus Buck Project EP released December 25, 2020 with production by fellow Baltimore Producer, HxlySmxkes (Black House Records). The title gains it's name from Rufus Buck and his Rufus Buck Gang, who were teenaged boys of African, Native American and Latino heritage on a relentless run in the late 1800's to spark an uprising in the Native American territories. This EP invokes the same premise in rebellion, struggle, unrest and social consciousness that Rufus Buck aimed for through Jamil Honesty lyrics. These are a major part Hip Hop's beginning. The essence of the DJ is essential on the The Rufus Buck Project EP as DJ Grazzhoppa's (Gent, Belgium) precision cuts make it known. HxlySmxkes made sure this audio short film provided enough substance in those samples, kicks, snares, drums were mixed efficiently for the mood of the EP.

Listen and share below.

Also, check the music video for "Rebello" featuring DJ Grazzhoppa below.

Cover Art by Supreme Textures

Be on the lookout for the deluxe version to arrive with merchandise soon.

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