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Icon Curties & Vic Spencer's New EP "Bare Maximum"

Chi-town's Vic Spencer links up with Cagliari, Italy Producer, Icon Curties for their new EP "Bare Maximum" released today. Featured guests are $ha Hef (Harlem, N.Y.), Eto (Rochester, N.Y./New Crack Era) and Vic Greenthumbs. Listen and support below.

Icon Curties has produced for Recognize Ali, Plaent Asia, Lyric Jones, al.divino, Estee Nack, Tristate, Daniel Son, Rozewood, Hus Kingpin and more.

1. Bare Maximum (intro) 00:51

2. Cheesehead feat. $ha Hef 01:50

3. Spencer Is Us 02:14

4. Havoc & Rage feat. Eto 01:55

5. Grim Reaper In Sneakers 01:52

6. I Want The Big Smoke feat. Vic Greenthumbs 01:48

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