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Hobgoblin - The Awakening (Album) (Produced by Hobgoblin)

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Birmingham, U.K. Producer, DJ and Teacher, Hobgoblin has made his name known in a mere few years. Upon listening to his sound you will know quite well why. Take a look at his history... He has fully produced multiple albums for Jamil Honesty aka Macabeats (Baltimore, MD by-way-of Staten Island, N.Y.) (Martyr Musik 1 & 2), MAV aka Maverick Montana (Rochester, N.Y._member of Da Cloth) (Angelz & Demonz 1, 2 & 3). Hobgoblin also has two fully produced EP's, one from Wilmington, Delaware emcee duo Chuck N Lock titled Phobias EP and the other Bully by Wally Clark (Denver, CO). His more recent 2021 album with Spoda (Bay Shore, Long Island, N.Y.) titled Truth Be Told has been making waves.

With all of those production credits under his belt, he also has album/EP and non-album songs produced for other artists like Substance810 (Port Huron, MI) track "From A Seed", Cloud City Projects (CCP) "Guilty (Remix)", Jamil Honesty feat. Supreme Cerebral & Squeegie O "The Marines", AURIELOHEEM (Providence, R.I.) "Goblin", Cousin Feo & Lord Juco "Murder In Milan", Chong Wizard's Reality Stone project for the track "Wilson Fisk Meets Manny Merengues" featuring Hus Kingpin & Smoovth. If that wasn't enough to please your ears Hobgoblin also released two beat tapes Russian Furs and That 80's Beat Tape.

On February 1, 2021 (Vinyl/CD/Cassette)/February 5, 2021 (Digital), Hobgoblin released his debut album The Awakening (Death Face Records) featuring many artists he has built a friendship with from across the globe. Lord Juco (Toronto, Canada), J Scienide (Washington, D.C.), Ace Cannons (Pasadena/Baltimore, MD), DJ TMB (London, U.K.), GeneralBackPain (Inglewood, CA_HomeTeam), Chuck N Lock (Chuck Angus & Lockjaw_Wilmington, Delaware), MAV aka Maverick Montana (Rochester, N.Y._Da Cloth), Smoovth (Hempstead, Long Island_#TheWinners_Tha Connection), Recognize Ali (Ghana), All Hail Y.T. (Delaware by-way-of Killeen, TX), P Genz (New Jersey), Squeegie O (Staten Island, N.Y.), Nino Graye (Toledo, OH), Jamil Honesty aka Macabeats (Baltimore, MD by-way-of Staten Island, N.Y.), Supreme Cerebral (Los Angeles, CA_Gold Chain Music_The Dart Unit), Madhattan aka Madhattan Mayor (Manhattan, N.Y.), Josiah The Gift (New Jersey by-way-of Brooklyn, N.Y._The Umbrella), P.U.R.E. (Suffolk, VA), Fastlife (Queens, N.Y.) and Whatamess (Palm Beach, FL.) all make this ten track album unskippable. After listening to his debut The Awakening, you understand why he is sought after and has worked with the same emcees more than once.

Artwork is by Tokebi (Guatemala)

Mastered by Chemo

Executive Produced by Suede Slipper (U.K.)

Most vinyl, CD and cassettes have sold out, yet some are still available at Death Face Records site...HERE...while the Hobgoblin orange vinyl version and CD can also be purchased at his Bandcamp site...HERE

Listen, share and support below.

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