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HHDG Media Presents the Best of 2020

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

After 10 years in existence, the Hip Hop Discussion Group (aka HHDG) has put out it's first ever 'Best of' Mixtape to commemorate the crazy year that was 2020. Despite it being a tumultuous year for countless reasons, a number of FIRE Hip Hop LPs were released this year. This mixtape is meant to take all of the Dopeness that Hip Hop had to offer in 2020 and put some of the highlights into one 90 minute mix that can be enjoyed by the entire spectrum of the HHDG landscape as well as any genuine Hip Hop fans. Included on this tape are joints from some of HHDG's own such as Kenny Barz, Spotless Mindz, Porter Haus Productions, Seven Da Pantha and Tracey Lee alongside some of the hottest MCs from the last year including the Griselda Camp, Royce Da 5'9, Black Thought, Freddie Gibbs, Ka and many more. Press play on this Chris Walker (C-Nastyy) Executive Produced, spun by RockVader K.B. on the decks, ride through the amazing year of music that was 2020.

"I gotchu every trip"... RockVader K.B.

HHDG Media Inc

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