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"Glory"- The New Album by Tracey Lee

Longtime contributor and veteran to this Hip Hop game Tracey Lee released his new project, Glory today and it's an album of the times.


This is a direct quote from the man himself, Tracey Lee, and he is absolutely correct! With this album, he takes you on a journey through his life that feels very relatable with tracks like “Dominion” & “Glory”.

His lyrical content vividly describes the current state of life as a African American via “The Purge” and how we as a people celebrate with a smile on our face as we survive through all of the worlds madness in “We Good”. Tracey Lee reminds the world clearly that lyrically he is still one of the best and can stand out in any era! This album is flawless!

The album is entirely produced by OJizz who was also by his side on the album Expect The Unexpected , OJizz expresses a load of growth and maturity in the sounds he provides for T Lee in tracks like “The Love Song”.

This album shows why these two have become a perfect pairing for producing musical Hip Hop magic on back to back projects!

This album is easily a Must Purchase in 2020! You grab your copy of Glory from Lee's Patreon page (here) and/or

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