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GeneralBackPain - Cumulus (Produced by Tone Beatz) (Album)

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

The HomeTeam aka HomeTeam Empire (Killy Shoot, Onaje Jordan, Chuck Chan, Lupus Dei, Deuce Hennessy, Propha C. Allison, GeneralBackPain) movement does not stop! After Inglewood, CA Emcee, GeneralBackPain gave the fans his 2020 gangsta helmed audio film Wet Work (produced by fellow HomeTeam member Onaje Jordan) in came Cumulus on February 1, 2021. With a title referring to the clouds, the song names further nature's aerial creations. GeneralBackPain's monotone baritone voice utilizes Earth's climate controlling clouds to his lyrical mastery. Producer Tone Beatz (North Augusta, South Carolina) creates a backdrop or should I say an atmospheric encompassing sound of weather changes for GeneralBackPain. HomeTeam members Killy Shoot (Worcester, MA), Lupus Dei (Willingboro, N.J.), Deuce Hennessy (Upstate, N.Y.) and Charlie Chan aka Chuck Chan (Upstate, N.Y.) come through to aid in clearing the skies of unworthy emcees. Listen, share and support below.

1. Cumulus 02:17

3. Ceres 02:41

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