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G4 Jag & Mephux - Regressions (Produced by Mephux) (Album)

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Harlem, N.Y. Emcee, G4 Jag (member of Flee Lord's LordMobb) serves upbringing and life's decisions among the streets, family and friends through deep monotone voiced rhymes. Music has always been part of his life as the later years writing was therapy for G4 Jag. The vision in each album has a concept held true to his style and emotion. From 2019's Still Surviving, the raw life changing subjects spoken on The Survivors during and after the events of 9/11 to 2020's Scriptures In The Sky album with NYC's The Musalini are just a few highlights within his catalogue displaying the LordMobb members distinction of joy, pain, struggle, success and hustle through words.

March 12, 2021, Regressions was released as the follow-up to his EP Progressions. The baritone emcee narrates Harlem life with a mellow toned soundtrack by Boston affiliate Mephux (Trillmatic_LordMobb) accommodating visceral emotion. Song titles reflecting the Regressions G4 Jag speaks of from his soul with an audio canvas that Mephux's dramatic cinema sound compliments on anything these two combine for. LordMobb's Flee Lord (L.E.S. by-way-of Far Rockaway, Queens, N.Y.) makes an appearance along with Eto (Rochester, N.Y._New Crack Era_LordMobb), BVNGS (Upstate, N.Y._LordMobb), Lord Trill (Trillmatic_LordMobb), Mercy (LordMobb) and Aaqil Ali (Mt. Vernon, N.Y._LordMobb).

Listen, share and support below.

Executive Produced by Flee Lord.

Artwork by Moon Patrol (Southern California-based).

Regressions is available at all digital platforms...HERE

Music video for "First Advance" (directed by Starz Coleman) can be seen below.

2. Satisfied 02:38

3. Who Are you? 02:14

4. One Time 01:56

5. Years Outside 01:33

6. First Advance 02:40

8. Yea Yea 02:01

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