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DJ Muggs - Metropolis ft. Method Man & Slick Rick (Produced by DJ Muggs)

Updated: May 31, 2022

May 24, 2022, DJ Muggs unleashed the darkly science fiction sounds from his mind as we go on an excursion with the first single "Metropolis". Featuring veterans and legends Method Man and Slick Rick on the track which will be on the upcoming Soul Assassins 3 album. Today (5/27/2022) the music video has premiered.

Directed by DJ Muggs & David Sakolsky

Produced by DJ Muggs

Mixed by DJ Muggs & Richard "Segal" Huredia

Mastered by Brian "Big Bass" Gardner

"Today we drop the video for METROPOLIS ft. Method Man & Slick Rick - Directed by Muggs and David Sakolsky

The video shows the song being created in the studio, and Muggs talking about music and philosophy - and the Soul Assassins street teams activated all over the country blasting S.A. up everywhere.

Then when Muggs goes to the car to listen to the track he smokes some weed and is taken to an alternate universe."


Update (5/30/22): The vinyl of "Metropolis" is the 3rd EP in the series leading up to the release of Soul Assassins 3 album is available while supplies last. Only 300 vinyl copies made and not many left. Purchase at Soul Assassins website...HERE

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