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DJ Davito ft. The Bad Seed, Leaf Erikson, Gutta Mouf & Paula Perry - Child Abuse (Prod. by E.Rex)

NYC's DJ Davito (Executive Producer/DJ/ B-Boy) has created some relevant not often spoken about topics in the past for emcees to elaborate on. His 2021 track "Child Abuse" is a serious subject that plagues children and has left adults mentally scarred. Artists The Bad Seed (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Leaf Erikson (Detroit, MI), Gutta Mouf (South Jamaica, Queens, N.Y.) and Paula Perry (Fort Greene, Brooklyn, N.Y.) served up excellent real life scenarios and questioning to address a worldwide problem as Paula Perry's chorus states "What's wrong with people these days!?!?". Producer E.Rex (Erex Muzic) conjures the feel exquisitely with a violin initiating an emotional issue that should never happen to make it such a powerful track.

Protect and love the children!

Listen and share below. Free Download on Soundcloud...HERE

Artwork by LEX (Woodside, Queens, N.Y.)

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