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Crush A Lot Podcast - A Score To Settle Vol. 1 (Album)

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Members of Crush A Lot Podcast (Cheese, Kaleena and Sir Loveday) continue to interview known, buzzing and upcoming artists, producers, DJ's, record label owners who they genuinely are fans/supporters of have created their first album A Score To Settle Vol.1. Released November 9, 2020 on Bandcamp and all other DSP (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Tidal, Amazon Music, Deezer, Amazon, iTunes) on November 13, 2020. Listen and share below. Support...HERE.

Emcees blessing the album are Lord Juco (Toronto, Canada), Asun Eastwood (Toronto, Canada), Fastlife (Queens, N.Y.), Rigz (Rochester, N.Y._member of Da Cloth), Kadeem (Boston, MA by-way-of Mattapan, MA), B.A. Badd (Syracuse, N.Y.), Bub Styles (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Mooch (Rochester, N.Y._member of Da Cloth), M.A.V. aka Maverick Montana (Rochester, N.Y._member of Da Cloth), Smoovth (Hempstead, Long Island_member of #THEWINNERS & Splash Bros.), Futurewave (Toronton/Rexdale, Canada), Adonis (Long Beach, CA), D Polo (Youngstown, Ohio by-way-of Harlem, N.Y._Serious Soundz), Estee Nack (Lynn, MA_member of Tragic Allies) and Starker (Brooklyn, N.Y.). All production comes from The Expert (Dublin, Ireland), J Demers (Boston, MA), Chup The Producer (Rochester, N.Y.), Giallo Point (London, U.K.), Futurewave, V Don (Harlem, N.Y._Serious Soundz) and Flu aka Fluent Form (Melbourne, Australia_member of Crate Cartel).

Cuts by DJ 2Buck (Sydney, Australia)

Mixed & Mastered by The Expert Track 8 by Futurewave Track 9 by V Don Track 10 by Phil Gektor (Melbourne, Australia_member of Crate Cartel) Art Design by Greg Rappa Executive Producers: Daniel "Cheese" Garcia & Kaleena H Blessed by Sir Loveday


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