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Cole James Cash featuring Napoleon Da Legend & LEX - Seize Production Seize Power

Oakland, CA Producer Cole James Cash (Founder of Elite Squad Recordings) was quiet in previous years after tragedy struck and had most of his music stolen. His album Street Champion was well on it's way to being released during this time, yet persevered with its release in 2020, along with the project The Time Machine 2. On the continuous road to recovery throughout the years he proved to not let life's negative outcomes discontinue his love of making music. One such song worth checking is the community driven, positive, strong willed 2021 track "Seize Production Seize Power" featuring NYC emcees Napoleon Da Legend (Brooklyn, N.Y. by-way-of Washington, D.C., Comoros Islands & Paris, France) and LEX aka LEX NYRE (Woodside, Queens, N.Y.). Both artists incite to break the chain of conglomerates controlling our lives and "Seize Production Seize Power".

This song can be found on Cole James Cash's EP Comrade Britney released February 22, 2021.

Listen, share and support below.

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