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Coast Contra (Eric Jamal, Rio Loz, Ras Austin & Taj Austin) - 10,000 Hours (Mixtape)

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

"The Only Coast is Contra." Remember that statement when it comes to these four young talented versatile emcees from Los Angeles known as Coast Contra (Rio Loz (by-way-of Comuna 13, Medellin, Colombia), Eric Jamal (by-way-of North Philly, PA) and twins Ras & Taj Austin)(Area 51 Music). Their journey will reach the entire world with every like, comment, share, tweet, post, word of mouth and live performances, which they have done with Rapsody and more recently on MURS D.C.R.P. (Declaration Celebration Regulation Party) tour. They have continued to pave a way with songs, freestyles, cyphers, music videos all containing food for thought as they have demolished every and any style. December 2, 2021, they wanted to thank their fans and let the world know why Coast Contra should be on your radar with a compilation of music, freestyles and three bonus unreleased songs ("Cloud 9mm", "Something Crazy" & "Bags" (produced by A|C (Los Angeles, CA))) on the mixtape 10,000 Hours. This mixtape is the perfect example to get familiar with their capabilities. Three guest features by Natia, Haseeb (Founder of FewFriends) and Devine. As a fan, I'm grateful to have listened to them collectively for a few years. Hearing Ras and Taj throughout many years thanks to being a fan of their father, Ras Kass, along with their soul singing mother, Teedra Moses raise them to be kings and it shows. They were guided well and the rest is becoming history on their own with Eric Jamal (originally from North Philly) and the bilingual Rio Loz as Coast Contra. No weak link is among the quadruple threat.

Upon first listen you can tell they are knowledgeable (#GetTheWormMondays), share a love for wisdom, history, faith, consciousness, life and music all while delivering through content, flow, style and structure as students of Hip Hop culture achieving maturation through higher learning. Again, "The Only Coast is Contra." 10,000 Hours will please you and be eager for more and begin asking yourself why I haven't been listening to them. Enjoy the 10,000 Hours mixtape until their highly anticipated upcoming debut album Apt 505 arrives.

Listen and share below, then check more visuals provided after the 10,000 Hours mixtape to prove what Taj said, "Name one song Coast can't run on..." It's the truth as their abilities can annihilate any type of production no matter the tempo with substance.

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