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Blu - Lost Angel (Produced by Evidence) (Single/Music Video/Vinyl)

Updated: Jun 28

Reading X (Twitter) tweets since April 2024 opened many fans eyes including myself to the news reading of Blu and Evidence collaborating. This was not just a new single, but also an entire album with Evidence on production and rhymes by HerFavColor himself.

June 14, 2024, the new single "Lost Angel" as part of Ev's Bigger Picture Recordings "Slide Film Series" (45 Vinyl & Digital...HERE) graced our ears and soon to be delivered to supporters on wax. This first single with its eclectic dramatic tones like only Evidence does also engaging angelic choir vocals captures the joys, pains, consequences, heart-stricken moments that Blu delivers of his life. Some of us can relate to these situations, which we cannot get back. Mental health can place us in negative states of mind at any given time from what life has placed before us. Blu's series of lows reminds us to be aware in more ways than one as this is all relatable and certain individuals were placed in our lives to help bring a positive outlook of life (salute on the intro). This song is an example that will continue to captivate those similarly affected. The visuals directed & shot by Evidence and edited by Castro of Newhighfilmz provides direct images of Blu's lyrics while also displaying the city of LA where Blu was a "Lost Angel". We anticipate the upcoming album!

Produced & Recorded By  Evidence 

Mixed By Philippe Weiss 

Watch, Listen and Share below.

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Blu & Evidence album "Los Angeles" is set to release July 12, 2024. Check the album covers (front & back) with all the credits below. As Evidence stated in his recent interview with Sam Buck (Bucked Up with Sam Buck), sixteen (16) songs were recorded and thirteen (13) will grace the album. "Lost Angel" is a non-album track.

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