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BlaQ Chidori - B.N.E. (BlaQ Numbz Entertainment) (EP) (Produced by Numbz)

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

In this day in age where many assume all young artist creating music, Hip Hop in particular are one dimensional with their sound, just getting the bag, high streaming numbers and likes. We still have other younger artists displaying a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Enter 19-year old, BlaQ Chidori aka GOD MC (Williamsburg, VA Emcee_Producer) who has consistently proven not to place him in a box as each project released effortlessly displays his array of talent.

To bare witness to the young student prove emphasis on mastery and work ethic listen to The BlaQ Album (2020), RagnaroQ (EP) (2021) with J.Arrr (Wilson, North Carolina) and his Father, Monstar On Ur Beat (M.O.B.) containing notably talented emcees 3D Na'Tee (New Orleans, LA_3D Studios_Legendary Bargains_Already Legendary Media), Mickey Factz (Bronx, N.Y.), Nature (Queensbridge, N.Y.) , JR Writer (Harlem, N.Y.), K!NG jvmes, S.A.S. (Mayhem & Mega)(North London, U.K.), IAMGAWD (Chicago, IL_No Mediocre Recordings) and Numbz (New Jersey_Numbz Music). Blessing BlaQ Chidori, J.Arrr and M.O.B. along with the guests is the noticeably complimentary producers Sypooda (Virginia), Blitz BK (East New York, Brooklyn, N.Y.) and Protagonist. Then come into 2022 with another banger in White Melodies produced exquisitely by Sovren (St. Louis, MO), Protagonist, Miyo Nakili, Nicholas Craven (Montreal, Canada_Craven Productions), Numbz, BlaQ Chidori and featuring Nadine Marble, Miyo Nakili, Phil V (Louisiana), Patty Honcho (New Jersey), Elzhi (Detroit, MI_GLOW365), J.Arrr, K!NG jvmes, and KNOWITALL (Queens, N.Y.) These are just a portion of projects in his discography and given the names associated with him they respect his lyrical degree to even be sharing songs. How many emcees below the age of twenty can hang with greats and eloquently present songs ranging from the music industry, equality, spirituality, life, being the nicest, religion, slavery, consciousness, Hip Hop culture with much more all coming from a willingness to seek more knowledge and continue to his upward ladder of success in Hip Hop? Not many. BlaQ Chidori came to rhyme and not deal with the ills music presents behind the scenes. A true determined young artists with work ethic to back it up. You can delve deeper into BlaQ Chidori's mind as we at HHDG Media Inc. were graced with his insight, wealth of knowledge and much more during our 2022 interview.

On May 17, 2022, the EP B.N.E. (BlaQ, Numbz, Entertainment) furthers the lineage he brings to the culture. Witnessing production held down by BlaQ Chidori's fam is none other than the multi-talented New Jersey Producer/Emcee Numbz (Numbz Music). He is yet another young talent to keep on your radar. Numbz is showing off how any young up and comer should. Four tracks encompass his array of sounds and is merely only the tipping point of his capabilities. His album One Man Band testifies to this. BlaQ, Numbz, Entertainment is laced with quotables, substance, delivery and equally comparable guest emcees like the another lyrical juggernaut and family in Patty Honcho on "Come Kill Me" and Unruly who without a doubt came to rhyme on "This Us". I make no qualms when an EP such as B.N.E. comes correct on all four tracks with no reason to switch to other music as it ends. Leave it on repeat, while fully digesting the homage to Cam'Ron and his album S.D.E. One of BlaQ Chidori's favorite and influential emcees along with Killa Cam's crew, Dipset. Virginia has a long running history in Hip Hop. BlaQ Chidori is well on his way to becoming part of it.

Listen and share below. Support B.N.E. (BlaQ, Numbz, Entertainment) on all DSP at the link..HERE

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