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Asun Eastwood, M.A.V. & Sibbs Roc featuring Jay Royale - Tug of War (Produced by Sibbs Roc)

Toronto, Canada and Rochester, N.Y. have combined quite often in Hip Hop. This time in the form of Asun Eastwood (Toronto_TOMA_Gold Era), Sibbs Roc (Toronto_Gold Era) and M.A.V. aka Maverick Montana (Rochester_Da Cloth) for their first single "Tug of War". Joining these three artists is Jay Royale (East Baltimore, MD_Tutelage) speaking on the positive and negative life presents through heartfelt honest words of wisdom.

"Tug of War" will be on the upcoming album 98 Miles (produced entirely by Sibbs Roc) amongst friends that call each other brother. Brother, a term not to be used loosely and with a true cohesive meaning. That alone is an indication of what the project comprises itself of. Expect the digital version of album 98 Miles to drop April 2, 2021, along with physical pre-orders.

Until then listen and share "Tug of War" below.

Artwork by Che Uno (Toronto, Canada by-way-of Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina).

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