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aloeight featuring Ransom, K​.​J​.​, eLZhi & ILL Conscious - Gospel (Produced by aloeight)

With ill work from the 2020 collaboration album with ILL Conscious (West Baltimore, MD) titled The Epic Of Gilgamesh, to the morbidly dark and stellar toadmilk (jakprogresso (New York) & aloeight (Bay Area, CA)) track "Mortifying" featuring Dark Lo, RJ Payne, Tristate, Benny The Butcher and Conway The Machine and 2018's self-titled toadmilk album, California Producer, aloeight (Bay Area) has been consistently busy with quality production to serve the fans. The new song "Gospel" released on aloeight's born day of August 25, 2021, featuring Ransom (Jersey City, N.J.), K.J. aka Rome (Atlanta, GA), eLZhi (Detroit, MI) & ILL Conscious (West Baltimore, MD) is no different from his previous caliber of work. As the beginning sample slowly fades and the music churns in you already know the heat we are about to be blessed with. As expected with their known repertoire, the emcees came to speak the scriptures.

Listen, share and support below.

Mixed & Mastered by LostStudioTrev (Owner of Lost Studios NYC)

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