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Al Skratch - "NYC Memoirs"/"Homicide Rap"/"Who?"

Last month we showed what Al Skratch (Brooklyn-born Washington Heights/Harlem, N.Y. raised_member of Basquiat Brothers with Carlos (Classic Material NY)) has been up to in 2021 with all his latest tracks via music videos. The Harlemite is making a weekly regiment to have visuals for his new music and you shouldn't be complaining as three more have been released. The Basquiat Brother is not easing up any time soon, as he has much more for the fans.

In the meantime, watch and share his new songs below.

"NYC Memoirs" (Produced by Mansa Musa) "Homicide Rap" (Produced by DJ Muggs)

"Who?" (Produced by Kev Brown)

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