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Al Skratch - Be Original (Produced by Large Professor)/Born God Mentality/Shady (and more)

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

"Brothers want to know can Al get busy?" Yes he can! You remember the name and the songs.

Beginning 2021, Al Skratch (Brooklyn-born Washington Heights/Harlem, N.Y. raised_member of Basquiat Brothers with Carlos (Classic Material NY)) began his resurrection with an onslaught of new music each accompanied by visuals. Some are original music while others are known instrumentals with Al showing off that his lyrical ability has not deteriorated. The Buckshot-inducing sample on the head nodding track "Be Original" produced by Large Professor is the second single off the Harlemite's upcoming album. The first single being "Shady" over a chilling piano laden melody by Producer Rocko D. Williams (Windsor, CT by-way-of Hartford, CT_The Producers Corner) comprised with a Notorious B.I.G. sampled hook arrived the week before the second single.

Watch and share all tracks listed below. See what the Basquiat Brother has been up to and expect more. Shoutout Classic Material NY for keeping me informed of what has been brewing.

"Shady" (Produced by Rocko D. Williams)

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