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HHDG's Ovary Gang Introduces - Mother Nature

With the rise of women in Hip Hop in the past few years, I would like to introduce two women from Chitown that are making noise with their music. Put your focus on Klevah x T.R.U.T.H. together they form Mother Nature. Some may refer to them as 'Mother Nature Barz', but either way these two have been spitting 'Barz' over dope beats for some time now. I was alerted to the duo by a follower on my IG page and I've been checking for them ever since.

(photo: Nicci Briann)

Klevah x T.R.U.T.H. complement each other with lyrics that are laced with activism and smothered over dope beats. Example of that is in, "Say Her Name" off of their 2016 self-titled album Mother Nature. The rhymes are not preachy, they're just colorful and expressive. The way Hip Hop music was intended to be. "Rotationz" stays on rotation in my whip. Trust me you will not be disappointed adding them to your playlist.

Not only do they represent hip hop culture thoroughly, Klevah and T.R.U.T.H. have a non-profit that helps the community through their Mis ED of Hip Hop initiative. Their mission statement is Healing and

Transforming through Hip Hop. MisEducation of Hip Hop is a youth based program, dedicated to helping adolescents around the world by addressing the issues that plague the youth such as mental health. It's only right that Mother Nature is spreading 'Motherly Love' with a dash of 'Black Girl Magic' to the community.

Check out their latest EP Portalz and the visual below for "Rotationz". Also be on the look out for their next project that's set for release soon - SZNZ (pronounced sounds)

Atir King - Hip Hop Ovary Gang Co-Founder

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