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Shy The BeatYoda (of Dookie Bros) - The Eli Project (Instrumental Album)

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

One half of the talented Toronto duo Dookie Bros, Shy The BeatYoda (DJ, Producer, Emcee, Engineer, Videographer and Owner of Shy's Hip-Hop Market) continues to showoff why his production talents should be on your next album or EP (DJ cuts too!). You can hear him dropping Dookie Bros bangers like When The Shit Hits The Fan, Manure Music Vol.1 & Vol.2, plus their Adventures In Beatmaking series.

Instead of going back and forth vocally with fellow Dookie Bros member Franchise, this time we have Shy The BeatYoda's lovable son, Elijah/Eli by his side on the new album The Eli Project released November 16, 2023. Bandcamp Exclusive...HERE

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Shy The BeatYoda

Artwork by Bill Howard of Small Dog Design

After Listening, Sharing and Supporting The Eli Project check out Dookie Bros first interview courtesy of HHDG Media Inc....HERE

1. Eli's Coming 02:29

2. You're My Beh Freh 02:53

3. It's Ray Nang 03:05

4. Dinosaurtops 03:08

5. Wheelbus 03:41

6. Too Loud 02:35

7. I'm Stuck 03:00

8. Look At Me 02:55

9. Omelette Milk 02:49

10. Applepiss 03:02

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