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Elzhi & LexZyne (LexZyne Productions) - A Different Vibrato (Album)

One of the best forms of promotion for a producer/production crew has always been to provide your own rendition of well known songs or acapellas from famous artists with your production. From there let it be played anywhere, yet the pivotal part is getting to the airwaves (more so internet radio currently), cars driving around and social media platforms. The talents of LexZyne Productions (Indianapolis, IN/Orlando, FL) ventured into the dwelling of Elzhi's linguistics from his latest album Heavy Vibrato to deliver their signature style and creativity in production for the creation of A Different Vibrato released on March 12, 2024. Maintaining the consistency and continuity of the original vocals by Elzhi along with the features of Dank, Guilty Simpson, Blu and Phez Rock. This is how a production shine with Elzhi's flow and content. Slowly dropping out elements of production like on "Possessed by Young G" is done precisely and not overused. Various elements used in production are noticed not leaving it sounding stale and monotonous. You won't hear the exact same drums, snares, sounds and musical instruments repeated again and again as A Different Vibrato plays. Elzhi's dark storytelling always gets me. "Heartbeat In The Twilight Zone" is one of those songs and I love the minimalist approach in production on this one while remaining chilling and eerie. The vibe of A Different Vibrato remains in a mysterious intriguing sound throughout LexZyne Productions version. A defining moment on multiple songs here are the transitions and change ups, which I don't think enough producers do. Vocals are clear and production levels are balanced provided by experienced precision engineering of the sought after and always professional Jake Palumbo (Brooklyn, N.Y. via Tennessee) at SpaceLAB Recordings (Brooklyn, N.Y.). The challenge of successfully creating a project over an exceptionally talented emcee's vocals is no easy feat. LexZyne Productions achieved sounds in variation as part of the album's wording would describe and now it is your time to experience A Different Vibrato.

In LexZyne Productions own words "We are Elzhi and Oh No fans, and big fans of their project together, Heavy Vibrato. In the spirit of Elmatic, we wanted to put our spin on it."

"Free on Bandcamp for a limited time. Thank you for rocking with us!"

Listen and Share below.

1.Elzhi x LexZyne - A Different Vibrato 00:43

2.Elzhi x LexZyne - What A Night With Trick Dice 03:16

3.Elzhi x Dank x LexZyne - That Feeling In Your Feelings 03:14

4.Elzhi x Guilty Simpson x LexZyne - RIP Katsumi 04:35

5.Elzhi x LexZyne - Doc No Check Up 00:24

6.Elzhi x Blu x Phez Roc x LexZyne - Unspoken Smoke 04:56

7.Elzhi x LexZyne - Possessed By Young G 03:02

8.Elzhi x LexZyne - Bishop, Give In 03:02

9.Elzhi x LexZyne - Wanted To Avoid Last Nerve 03:25

10.Elzhi x LexZyne - Say It Don't Spray It, Ribiero 03:02

11.Elzhi x LexZyne - Heartbeat In The Twilight Zone 04:00

12.Elzhi x LexZyne - Fireballs Of My Dark Matter 02:48

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