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A​ïda & Doza The Drum Dealer - Oren Ishi (Produced by Doza The Drum)

"I don't cut the grass to see the snakes. I welcome pythons." Witness what time it is with lyrics like that echoing the new song "Oren Ishi" by Far Rockaway, Queens, N.Y. Emcee and Author, A​ïda. With a song title representing the lethal villain in the Kill Bill films, A​ïda is out cutting heads with sharp precision verses here. Within the deadly verbal onslaught we have Doza The Drum Dealer (Brooklyn, N.Y./Dozito's Way) providing elements of Japanese instruments like the shakuhachi blended into Hip Hop showing off his style of production. Which is so fitting based on the similarities of the two (A​ïda and O-Ren Ishii), as the production and title are not the only ways the song references Japanese culture. Glimpses of A​ïda's personal life meld easily throughout the track with other references showing they have their place in the molding of who A​ïda is today. Yet another similarity with O-Ren Ishii.

Did you hear that change up at 1:30 mark on production by Doza and A​ïda's flow? Yeah this needs to be heard. A​ïda continues to let ya'll know she hasn't been one to play with. This first single is how you set the stage for people's attention as the upcoming album Death Roll produced entirely by Doza The Drum Dealer is now known to all. This isn't A​ïda and Doza The Drum Dealer first collaboration as a more recent track "The Day After" off 2023's When The Rabbit Got The Gun 4 album showing how ill they both can deliver lyrically. Go play "Oren Ishi" or you might lose your head.

Listen, Share and Support the new single "Oren Ishi" and A​ïda's book "Ask The Alligator: ATA".

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